26 October 2006

Reloading the "foot-shooting" Gun.

The only thing consistent about the Indian cricket team these days is the experiments.......and I woke up at 5:00 AM to see them fail miserably. After what can only be described as an appallingly intimidated and shabby batting performance we went one step further and bowled and fielded like amateurs. The bowlers, apart from the spinners, were still mentally away on their diwali vacation and RP Singh's devastating bowling, devastating for India that is, followed by the utterly embarrassing piece of fielding on the ropes was testimony to the selectors "failing experiments". Where was Sreesanth by the way?...the member of the fast bowling team which Dravid himself called as the "best in years" just a few months back in W.Indies.

Ajit Agarkar is living evidence of the dearth of quality bowlers in India and when 17 were required to win on the last 3 overs, Mr.Ajit Agarkar, who had played more ODI's than Jerome Taylor has probably even seen on TV, went in and bowled 2 wides, one of which could have been collected by Dravid at first slip (By the way if you didn't know that's why we have slips for him...to stop the wide balls from going to the fence). Not to mention the short and wide outside off-stump largess when 4 were needed in 3 balls. Inexcusible! Pathan is charting his own course, he bowls like a miracle one day and the very next day performs like a second change, part-time, county bowler. Ahh... the list goes on and on...dropped catches, Romesh Powars absence on a wicket where the spinners bowled 24 of the 50 overs and Virendra Sehwag's "ultra small cameos" are just a few. But these free-loaders will shrug it off like nothing happened because we live in a country where, when Sourav Ganguly was kicked out for not performing the so called "loyal fans" came out with pitchforks and torches and effigy's were burnt. I offer no solution coz I have none. Less then a year before the world cup, we cant re-arrange the team that was doing so well just 6 months back. Its a rock and a hard place scenario.

Truthfully speaking, Its not the shot foot that hurts; Its the fact that I was holding the gun when it happened. For once again I shall wake at 5:00 AM Sunday morning to pray against the elimination of the host country from what is touted as the mini-world cup and hope that the Sehwags and the Agarkars wont yet again let me down.

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