01 November 2007

The high kick backhand.

How awesome is this shot? Sebastian Grosjean kick jumps to attempt an aggressive backhand on a high ball. Its an outright hallmark of athleticism. Pete Sampras' overheads and Boris Beckers diving volleys kinda fabulous. Its the shot (and not necessarily the player in the image) that gets me swooning. The only female player on tour I have seen doing that is Amelie Mauresmo. Its a sheer joy watching her do that. Its a reminder that these guys are not just tremendously talented players, they are also athletes.

Some shots like the backhand down the line, I can imagine myself hitting one day....but I cant visualize myself hitting this shot anytime soon. Wont stop me from trying though.

1 comment:

Aarthi said...

no picture would have better described the beauty of this shot :)