06 November 2006

Bookmarking the finest hour.

On Friday 3rd November 2006, we finished the first round of playing all the teams in the mixed doubles league.... and I am happy to say, we stayed unbeaten throughout. Ahh....What joy a simple pair of tightly wound strings and fur coated balls of rubber can bring! This is quite a high for us and although I should probably just lay back and enjoy it, I cant help wonder how much further we can go and how much longer we will sustain it. Its like an over-blown balloon making its way through a maze lined with hairpins. Its almost a year now since we started playing in the USTA leagues and its been a eventful and fascinating chapter of our lives. We have thoroughly enjoyed playing competitively and it has given us the most exuberant and the most lugubrious of moments. The most recent ones though have been a lot more of the former.

In the most recent roller-coaster of a match which, as has become the norm was not devoid of drama, we coasted to a 6-0 first set victory, swore not to lose intensity and lost our focus instead to go down 2-5 in the second. We then rallied back to 6-6 to enforce a tie-breaker. Some poorly played points and some even poor displays of displeasure (courtesy of yours truly) later, we had lost the tie breaker and were leveled at one set apiece. The last half hour saw us fight tooth and nail all the way to 4-4. With 10 minutes to go this was now all or nothing. Much to our relief we held our serve and then broke theirs to pip them to the post and take the match 6-0 6-7 6-4. We had managed to stay undefeated!!!

I am pleased to the point of feeling guilty; Our game has so much room for improvement and then some more, but in a life otherwise sparsely populated with achievements, this feels good. In the book of my life these will forever remain as some of my favorite pages and I will longingly refer to this blog as my bookmark to relive them. Kudos to us Partner!!!

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Aarthi said...

It almost feels like you took a picture of mind and put it in words. Thanks!
When we started playing tennis I remember telling you once.. The Roger federer's and Sharapova's they have some exhilirating moments in life(When they win), will be ever have such moments in life? Well here we are, we have come a long way havent we?